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Visitor Spotlight: Growing Up, KidsPlay Style!

From “The Scoop: News from KidsPlay Children’s Museum,” Fall 2023.

When Rhys was learning how to talk, he would often ask his mother, Alicia, to go to the “train house.” Alicia could not figure out what he meant – until one day, the family went to visit KidsPlay Children’s Museum, and Rhys, seeing the train sculpture mounted over the Museum’s main entrance, exclaimed “train house!”

Rhys and his family started visiting the Museum when he had just learned to walk at 13 months old. Now, at five years old, “He’s just as excited to visit as he was at the beginning” – at least according to his mother. (At the time of this interview, Rhys was at school and could not be reached for comment.)

As Rhys has gotten older, he’s explored more and more of the Museum, and his parents have learned alongside him. “I’ve been able to see my son explore things I never would have thought to show him,” says Alicia. “The Museum provides stimulation I don’t have at home, and it inspires me once I walk out the door.”

December 28, 2023 Blog, Highlights