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Supporter Spotlight: Mary Guilfoile

From “The Scoop: News from KidsPlay Children’s Museum,” Fall 2023.

When describing her work with KidsPlay as a donor, a volunteer, and a board member, Mary Guilfoile can boil it down to two words: she’s a “systems person.”

“I’ve had the gift of being able to use the skills that I developed and the knowledge I acquired during my career in my retirement, and it’s very fulfilling and very rewarding,” she says.

Before all that, though, Mary began volunteering so that she could spend time with children. When visiting an aquarium with her own grandchildren, who do not live in the Torrington area, Mary watched a volunteer docent facilitating a touch-tank experience for young visitors. “I thought, ‘Oh, look at that – that’s such fun! I could do something like that.’” After that, she signed up as a volunteer at one of KidsPlay’s early Thursday-night pop ups at the Main Street Marketplace, and has been a dedicated part of KidsPlay’s team since.

Mary’s initial work as a volunteer involved working with guests and helping to create exhibits, and it soon evolved into formally joining the Board of Directors. Mary’s role on the board has included developing human resources policy, risk assessment, and board governance for the Museum.

“One of my favorite expressions is that you need to be poised and ready,” Mary says. “We have things in place so that when an opportunity comes, we’re ready for it. We’re prepared for the future.”

Mary’s generous contribution of her time and talent over many years has helped to make KidsPlay what it is today. Thank you, Mary!

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