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KidsPlay’s Northwest Corner Gives Project: Raise the Roof!

KidsPlay’s Northwest Corner Gives 2024 project is a big one: the complete replacement of the roof of our main gallery. We’re excited to share how you can help us safeguard this important community investment!

At KidsPlay, we believe in creating a vibrant, safe, and inspiring environment where children can explore, learn, and grow. For twelve years, our community has come together to establish our museum as a cherished resource in the Northwest Corner.

KidsPlay is currently facing a big challenge. The roof over our main building at 61 Main Street is in dire need of replacement. Recent storms have caused leaks, threatening substantial investments in our beloved museum. The total cost to replace our failed roof is over $125,000. We need your help to fund this crucial project.

While investments in exciting new exhibits often capture attention and enthusiasm, essential but unseen projects like roof replacement can be challenging to fund. Yet, these projects are vital to the museum’s sustainability, helping us safeguard this incredible space and ensure its positive impact continues to grow for years.

We are thrilled to announce that the Northwest Connecticut Community Foundation has pledged $25,000 to match donations for this roof replacement through the Northwest Corner Gives crowdfunding campaign. This initiative, from July 8  to July 28, aims to help nonprofits like KidsPlay raise awareness and secure matching gifts for essential projects. Your timely support is crucial.

How You Can Help

Your donation to this campaign offers the opportunity to double your impact. Together, we can ensure that KidsPlay remains a place for children to explore, create, and learn. Please consider making a contribution to KidsPlay through Northwest Corner Gives today!

You can also spread the word about this important project with family and friends on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. Thank you!

Want to support KidsPlay’s capital improvements through your business instead? You may be eligible to receive a tax credit through the Connecticut Neighborhood Assistance Act.

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