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Sustainable Spaces for Family Learning: KidsPlay’s 2024 Neighborhood Assistance Act Project

KidsPlay is pleased to announce its proposed participation in the State of Connecticut Neighborhood Assistance Act (NAA) tax credit program. The NAA program provides a strategic opportunity for certain Connecticut businesses to lend critical support to community organizations. It allows businesses to apply for a tax credit equal to 100% of funds invested in approved energy conservation projects. 

KidsPlay is requesting support for this year’s proposed NAA project, “Sustainable Spaces for Family Learning.” This project is a continuation of KidsPlay’s past successful Neighborhood Assistance Act projects. These have made the Museum more energy efficient and sustainable through the support of Connecticut businesses.

This new effort will fund:

  • Replacing the windows on the second level of KidsPlay’s main building, 61 Main Street, and a rear window of 57 Main Street with new, energy-efficient ones.
  • Replacing the failing roof of 61 Main Street to improve insulation, reduce heating costs, and protect other improvements.
  • If fully funded, this project may also include replacing inefficient HVAC systems.

Our partners help KidsPlay to be a sustainable anchor in downtown Torrington. Through their support, the Museum will serve children and families for generations to come. By supporting this project, you can bring the benefits of a world-class children’s museum to families throughout our region.

Would you be interested in learning more about KidsPlay, this energy efficiency project, and the opportunity to convert your tax liability into an investment in lifelong learning? Please reach out by email at or by phone at (860) 618-7700 to set up an exploratory conversation or tour.

By participating in this program, you not only contribute to a sustainable future for KidsPlay but also support a vibrant, educational environment that benefits the entire community. Join us in making a lasting impact on the lives of children and families in Northwest Connecticut through the Neighborhood Assistance Act!

A graphic with purple bubbles and black text showing a timeline of the 2024 Neighborhood Assistance Act. In a purple bubble, white text says "August." Under that, it says "The State of Connecticut releases a list of 2024 approved NAA Program Proposals." A dashed line leads down to another purple bubble that says "September 15 - October 1" in white text in it. Bold black text underneath this bubble says "Your company submits Form NAA-02 for each program it wishes to sponsor." A dashed purple line leads down to black text reading "The State of Connecticut releases a list of 2024 approved NAA Business Contributions." A dashed line leads down from that to a third purple bubble which says "December" in white text. Underneath that bubble, it says "Your company contributes to KidsPlay's approved project by December 31, 2024."
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