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Corporate Partner Opportunities

Young families are an integral part of our communities. They patronize our businesses, live in our neighborhoods, and so much more. The children of those families will go on to become tomorrow’s residents, citizens, workers, and leaders.

KidsPlay’s work to support the young families in our community has been made possible by the generosity of our 2021/2022 Corporate Partners.

If you would also like to partner in this work, your support will help KidsPlay:

  • present learning concepts in ways that inspire wonder and delight.
  • spark the cognitive and social-emotional growth of young children.
  • welcome new audiences with expanded access programs.
  • foster shared learning experiences and cherished memories on Main Street.
  • attract visitors from across the state to discover a vibrant downtown in Torrington.

Please review our Corporate Partner packet to learn about KidsPlay’s 2022/2023 Corporate Partners Program.

We have designed the Corporate Partners Program to:

  • celebrate your organization’s support across our many communication channels with parents, grandparents, donors, educators, and other partners.
  • offer your employees and their families greater access to the benefits of hands-on learning through play.
  • demonstrate your commitment to creating a vibrant family-friendly community.

Please print and mail our response form or donate online by 11/15/2022 to help us thoughtfully plan recognition of your support.

Block of Corporate 2021 to 2022 Partners.
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