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March’s Author of the Month

Let’s celebrate our Author of the Month…James Dean!

What is not to love about a cat?  What is funnier and more inviting than a cat that loves adventures?  Draw him like a cartoon with lots of his cartoon animal friends, help him to talk in funny repetitive patterns with rhymes, songs and sight words. Paint him blue, name him Pete and discover that James Dean has captured something magically fun when he created the first Pete the Cat book. Since then James Dean and his wife Kimberly have created over 60 Pete the Cat books!

These include many titles in the I Can Read series designed for shared reading, a process that leads to independent reading with child friendly texts and dialogue.  The Pete the Cat books take Pete to the beach, school, library, and further. Pete becomes a pirate, a treasure hunter, a scuba diver, a rock star, and a surfer among many other roles. In this month’s story walk, Pete takes us on travels through outer space! In short, Pete is a lovable adventurer inviting children and adults to have fun with stories and funny illustrations. 

Enjoy Pete the Cat’s adventure…It’s “Out of This World!”

March 3, 2023 Announcements, Blog