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KidsPlay Announces Board Transition

KidsPlay Children’s Museum is pleased to announce a significant transition within its Board of Directors!

  • Ruth Nadeau Dwyer, Sara Kroscen, and Robin Ledversis have joined the board, bringing fresh enthusiasm and perspectives to KidsPlay’s work.
  • Long-time board member Cathy Schmitz will take over the position of Secretary.
  • Board members Mary Guilfoile, Holly Hunt, and Carol Quartiero have left the Board after many years of invaluable leadership and service.

While welcoming new leadership, the museum also announces the re-elections of Brian McCormick, President; Ken Merz, Past President; and Cheryl Kloczko, Vice President. Other continuing members of the Board include Marc Borghesi, Stuart Grodin, John Martin, Carmen Neale, and Brad Oneglia. Their continued commitment and expertise will ensure a smooth transition and provide stability during this exciting period of change.

New Leadership

Ruth Nadeau Dwyer, a partner at Dolan Divorce Lawyers, PLLC, has been appointed to the Board of Directors and will chair its Governance Committee. Dwyer’s 20 years of law practice and experience on many community boards will help ensure the board remains focused on establishing the organization’s strategic direction and ensuring it has the resources needed to fulfill its mission. She has loved watching the museum grow and often visits with her 9-year-old son. She is thrilled to be working with such an innovative organization that positively impacts our community.

Sara Kroscen, CPA, Vice President and Controller of Torrington Savings Bank, has been appointed Treasurer. Her extensive background in accounting, covering both small businesses and larger corporate settings, will help ensure the Museum implements best practices in financial management to ensure its sustainability. Through her efforts, Sara aims to ensure that the museum remains a vibrant place of learning and discovery for all visitors.

Robin Ledversis has been appointed to the Board of Directors and its Education and Community Engagement Committee. Her experience as a teacher, administrator, coach, and community advocate will help KidsPlay enhance the connection between formal and informal learning. As a grandparent who frequently visits the museum, she also offers a new viewpoint for enriching visitor experience that will help KidsPlay better serve the needs of the diverse population.


Cathy Schmitz, a founder and longtime board member, has been newly appointed Secretary. Cathy’s vision and dedication have been instrumental in creating this unique, educational, and fanciful must-visit venue.


Mary Guilfoile served as the governance committee chair, developing systems and practices that have helped the board mature from a founding/working board to a governing board. Guilfoile also chaired the Museum’s 2020 Education and Community Engagement Assessment with the American Alliance of Museums, which helped the museum learn more about the community’s needs and opportunities and laid the foundation for some of the museum’s most significant initiatives.  Mary will continue her involvement as an Advocate supporting the Governance Committee’s human resource oversight, as a volunteer in the Maker Space, and tending to the Native Garden that she developed.

Holly Hunt served as the museum’s treasurer.  Over the nine years as treasurer, Holly worked closely with the museum’s staff to develop internal controls, processes, and procedures. She was instrumental in helping KidsPlay through its first audits and the development of an emergency reserve that helped KidsPlay successfully weather the COVID-19 pandemic. Fellow board members appreciated her ability to translate financial statements into understandable notes that explained terms and described trends, giving the board a better understanding of the museum’s financial position. She will continue her involvement as an Advocate, remaining a member of the Financial Stewardship Committee.

Carol Quartiero served as board secretary and chair of its Organizational Advancement Committee. She harnessed her extensive project management skills to bring exceptional organizational skills to the Board’s Executive, Governance, and Organizational Advancement Committees. From 2016 to 2019, Carol planned and implemented some of KidsPlay’s largest events, including the Family Fund Fair and Summer Fete Fundraisers. Carol will continue her involvement as an Advocate, remaining a member of the Organizational Advancement Committee.

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