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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month at KidsPlay!

Celebrate and explore the different cultures and traditions of Latin America as we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month at KidsPlay!

Join us and our partner New Opportunities each Thursday at 6 pm during Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 – October 15) as we hold special evening programs in honor of Hispanic heritage and our diverse community.

Check out our schedule below!


September 15: Latin America Trivia and Challenges

Learn fun facts about different Latin American countries and complete the challenge activity sheets to see how much you remember!


September 22: Traditional Crafts

Arts and crafts night! Come learn about different traditional Latin American art and try your hand at some fun crafts. Make your own Frida Kahlo flower crown or weave your own God’s Eye!


September 29: Make a Guatemalan Worry Doll

Have a lot of worries on your mind? Come learn about the legend of the Guatemalan Worry Doll and make your own. Tell these special dolls your worries and watch them disappear by the next morning!


October 6: Cultural Show-and-Tell

Come learn about other cultures and family traditions from some very special guests. Have something you want to share about your own culture? This program is all about learning about and celebrating each other!


October 13: Dance around Latin America with New Opportunities

For the final celebration, KidsPlay is partnering with New Opportunities to showcase dances across Latin America. Join us for some spectacular dance demonstrations and try a few moves of your own!

Registration is strongly encouraged. All programs are $2 and include Museum admission.

Click on the program titles to reserve your tickets!

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