Donations to KidsPlay’s Energy Efficiency Project May Offer Business Tax Credits

Donations to KidsPlay’s Energy Efficiency Project May Offer Business Tax Credits

Does your business pay Connecticut Corporation Business Tax?  Are you looking to contribute in a meaningful way to the community while also saving on your taxes?

Connecticut’s Department of Revenue Services has approved KidsPlay Children's Museum Inc.'s program for the 2021 Neighborhood Assistance Act Program (NAA). 

Your business may receive a corporation business tax credit of 100% of your contribution for this approved energy conservation project. In addition, this tax credit may be carried back to the two immediately preceding income years. KidsPlay Children's Museum, Inc. is a 501(c)(3), so your corporation may also qualify for a charitable deduction on its federal tax return. This program converts your tax liability into an investment in building a more family-friendly community. 

The Project:

Your company’s investment will help KidsPlay expand its interactive exhibit galleries and strengthen its capacity as a trusted space for community learning. 

This 2021 project's primary focus continues to be the renovation and integration of 57 Main Street into the Museum's galleries. Our exhibit space will grow from 11,000 sq. ft. to 19,000 sq. ft. The new space will increase the number of patrons we can safely serve, bringing much-needed vitality to downtown Torrington as we emerge from the pandemic. In July, we sold out most days and welcomed over 5,000 visitors.

The 2021 project includes the following energy efficiency work:

  • Replace windows and doors to increase the building envelope's energy efficiency and improve the street-front presence.
  • Replace the roof on 57 Main St., including additional insulation.
  • Install efficient LED lighting throughout the new gallery. 

With your support, we will create rich learning experiences that prepare a future workforce that is curious, capable, and resilient.


September 2, 2021
• The Department of Revenue Services released the list of 2021 approved NAA Program Proposals. 

September 15 to October 1, 2021
• Your corporation submits Form NAA-02 to request tax credit via CT DRS Website. 

December 2021
• Connecticut’s Department of Revenue Services releases a list of 2021 approved NAA Business Contributions.

• Your company contributes to KidsPlay Children’s Museum Inc.'s approved project by 12/31/2021. 

The State of Connecticut has committed up to five million dollars in tax credits to this program. Please invest in this project and keep your tax dollars in our Northwest Connecticut community.

Please contact Eileen Marriott at (860) 618-7700 ext. 2225 or send an email to to learn more about this NAA Project, or to arrange a tour of the Museum Campus.



Payment Types Accepted - Cash, Check, and all major credit cards

Languages at KidsPlay - English, Spanish and Sign Language

KidsPlay Children's Museum, Inc. is a 501(C) (3) not-for-profit organization


Important Announcement!

In support of social-distancing, the Museum is closed until April 1.

Please check our social media and website for updates and for ideas for fun hands-on playful learning activities at home.