Author Study - Mary Hoffman

Author Study - Mary Hoffman

Author Study - Mary Hoffman

Mary Hoffman a British writer and critic, has had over 90 books published! One of her best known works is our current featured StoryWalk┬«, Amazing Grace.

Amazing Grace, the first book about Grace, was published in 1991. The central idea of the Grace books is that you can be anything you want, this has caught the imagination of thousands of readers. 

"Grace is really me - a little girl who loved stories. When I was a little girl, acting out pantomimes with my sister, I played all the leading parts - it didn't matter to me if they were for boys or girls, though I noticed boys' roles were often more fun. So when Grace wanted to be Peter Pan, I had another character tell her she couldn't because she was a girl. Because things have moved on a bit in equality between the sexes since I was Grace's age, I added another level of challenge by making her Black. So another character says,"You can't be Peter Pan - he wasn't Black". - Mary Hoffman.

Mary Hoffman was born in a little railway town in the south of England but moved to London when she was three and has lived there ever since. She began writing plays for her school friends when she was a young girl and never really thought of being anything other than a writer. Mary's books are often controversial but reflect her belief that all stories are for all people and that they are what enable us to transcend our own circumstances. 

Join us all month to explore Mary Hoffman and the truly amazing, Amazing Grace!



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