Kids in Motion - Caught in the Web

Kids in Motion - Caught in the Web

Kids in Motion - Caught in the Web
Here is a fun and physical activity to play at home or at KidsPlay!

Your child uses a variety of muscles and skills to be able to throw an item towards a target. While throwing things might not be something you normally encourage around your home, this simple activity will provide lots of worry-less practice!

All you need for this activity is tape and paper. Start by stretching long strips of tape across an open doorway. Form a web with the strips, making sure that the sticky sides of the tape all face the same way. As you build, talk about where your child may have seen webs and how they work. You might want to add a paper or plastic spider to the web. When the web is complete, roll up some paper into balls, back up, and toss them at the web.

Talk with your child about why some of the paper balls stick and others don't. Was the ball thrown with the same force? Try throwing underhand and then overhand. Was one method better than the other? Ask your child to throw a flat piece of paper at the web, and talk about what happened and why. Try some other materials to throw at the web, and compare the results. This simple throwing practice brings up lots of interesting science concepts to explore!

You can make this game into a team challenge by using different colors of paper for each player and taking turns throwing at the web. Make it harder or easier by changing the distance from the web to the player. How good is your aim? You might try to knock your opponent's balls off - but if you knock the spider off, you're out!

Caught in The Web Printable Directions

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