Simply Science - Seed Edition

Simply Science - Seed Edition

Simply Science - Seed Edition

The next time you are in the produce section of the grocery store with your child, point out the variety of plants that are offered. Identify some of the parts of the plants...the stem, the roots, the leaves, or the flowers or fruits. Talk about how we eat different parts of the plant; for example, we eat lettuce leaves, celery stems, and onion roots. Draw your child to the conclusion that all plants have these parts, but that we use them in different ways.

Let your child observe the growth of a plant with a simple bean experiment. By placing a bean or a seed in a plastic bag or cup with a damp paper towel, s/he can watch as the bean sprouts and then grows into a plant with all its parts. Join us at the museum this week as we start new bean plants, or try the experiment with supplies at home.

Ask your child to think about these questions while completing the Simply Science Journal:

  • What kind of bean plant did you grow, and which part of the plant will you use?
  • What would happen if you left your plant to grow in a dark location?
  • How tall do you think your plant will grow?

Use the link below to download information on growing a bean plant.

-Lois Logan, Exhibit Exploration Specialist

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