Kids in Motion - Cloud Jumping

Kids in Motion - Cloud Jumping

Kids in Motion - Cloud Jumping

When you look up at the clouds in the sky, do you and your children ever imagine what those clouds might feel like? Would they be fluffy and soft like cotton? Would they be scratchy or stiff? Would you be able to sit on a cloud, or would you fall right through?

The cloud jumping game allows your child to imagine jumping from cloud to cloud while also practicing some important gross motor skills. Tape the images on the floor and encourage your child to leap from one cloud to the next and complete the activity on each cloud. You can make the game more fun by timing the path through the clouds, by making up a story as your child jumps from cloud to cloud, or by recording the game and watching it together later.

When you are done jumping, rest a bit while you share the story Little Cloud by Eric Carle.

- Lois Logan, Exhibit Exploration Specialist

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