Maker Challenge of The Week

Maker Challenge of The Week

Maker Challenge #14

This week's Maker Challenge is actually two projects in one, since not only will your child be making a friendship bracelet, s/he will also be making the tool used to create it. And once the tool is made, it can be used it again and again!

Making a friendship bracelet with our tool is a repetitive process based on counting to three. This gives your child not only practice in simple counting, but also in working patiently and persevering through a project's completion. The bracelet does not have to be completed all at once; in fact, this is a great project to bring with you in the car or in other situations where you spend time waiting. Encourage your child to keep at it, drawing his or her focus back to the end goal...having a hand-made bracelet to wear.

You'll find instructions for making both the tool and the bracelet by clicking below. Once your friendship bracelet is made, Patty and Lois would love to see it and hear about the experience of making it! Ask your child to wear the bracelet to this week's Show & Tell on Thursday morning at 9:00. Register once and join us on any Thursday.



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