KidsPlay Chefs - Flying Saucer Pizza

KidsPlay Chefs - Flying Saucer Pizza

There are different shapes from outer space that capture our imaginations: stars, rockets, meteors and flying saucers. There are also different shapes that capture our KidsPlay Chefs' appetites! One shape that is usually tasty and popular is the round shape of pizza dough. Can you imagine aliens cruising through space on round pizza dough?

Our KidsPlay Chefs pizza adventure starts with a leavening material called yeast. Yeast is a single cell organism that needs food, water, exercise, and rest to do its work, just like people do. The yeast converts food - the sugar and starch - into carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide bubbles make the dough rise and become soft for chewy yumminess.

After the dough is mixed and formed into a ball, it is kneaded, or flattened and folded over again and again. Then it is shaped into a circle and place in the oven on a slightly oiled pan for about 10 minutes. While it bakes, KidsPlay Chefs can gather ingredients that they'd like on their pizza, like sauce, cheeses, meat, and vegetables. A favorite might be a pizza with no cheese or a pizza with pepperoni, peppers, or sauce at all!

After the toppings are added, the pizzas are baked for a few minutes more. There's time to enjoy some of the great books about outer space. Pete the Cat Out of this World by James Dean, Mousetronaut by Mark Kelly, and Earthlets by Jeanne Willis are a few KidsPlay Museum favorites. The chefs cooking with Patty on the video chose a fun book that includes real space facts Fly Guy Presents Space by Tedd Arnold, another museum favorite! You might enjoy that one too because Buzz (Fly Guy's boy) is a great teacher!

We hope you enjoy cooking with KidsPlay Chefs in your own home pizza parlor! We hope you make your pizza just the way you like it and have so much fun you will want to make pizza to share with your whole family. 

- Patty Cassella, Learning Experience Specialist

Printable Flying Saucer Pizza Recipe



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