WordPlay Star of the Week: Taylor

WordPlay Star of the Week: Taylor

WordPlay Star of the Week: Taylor

As the school year ended, eight-year-old Taylor found the at- home school "kind of hard and boring," but finishing her schoolwork each day brought her a happy smile. Taylor wears her smile often accompanied by a delightful giggle. Her sources of happiness come in the shape of her dog Miley, her daddy's jokes, her mommy's reassuring words, "It's OK Taylor."

People in Taylor's home are not afraid to be a "little goofy," tell a silly joke, and be honest about challenges like doing schoolwork at home, away from a classroom. Taylor has several wise strategies for becoming happier, and she ticks them off confidently: "Take a couple of deep breaths, read a book, draw something and color things in." The confidence she shows convinces us that these are strategies that she has tried and that really work!

For a happy picture, she shares her mom posing for a picture and smiling, "she always smiles when she takes a picture" and confides that mommy is being "a little goofy. " In another happy photo, Taylor poses! Her dad taught her to do a "goofy thing" with her eyes, and, as she sits like a hopping frog, she gives him full credit for his ways of cheering her, like telling silly jokes. Though she knows how to act out other feelings and to see sadness in other people's faces, she often wears a smile that helps her feel happier.
She knows how to cheer others, like sharing one of daddy's jokes. Miley, Taylor's dog, with his puffy tail, friendly licking, and sharing toys brings Taylor wonderful laughter, which is contagious. It's almost impossible not to share the delight that Taylor finds in her mommy, daddy, and her dog Miley.

In her third happiness photo, Taylor holds her Minion. She smiles as she tells how she made it herself and likes the way he looks and stays in her room. The proud way she holds her creation as a favorite toy gives us another great way to show happiness: make a character that smiles back at you! Remember, that is just what Taylor did!

If you want to try this strategy, we would love to see your own smiling creation. Why don't you show Lois and me at Show and Tell? You could send a photo to memories@kidsplaymuseum.org. 

Would you like to be one of our Stars of the Week, helping others with emotions and especially helping others to be happier? If you want to talk with Patty about happiness on Zoom, please let us know by contacting memories@kidsplaymuseum.org. WordPlay is KidsPlay's curriculum to develop literacy and social-emotional intelligence.



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