Maker Challenge of the Week

Maker Challenge of the Week

Maker Challenge #11

It's important for children to learn that changing the shape of some materials makes them usable in different ways. In this challenge, your child will take newspaper, a material that is most often used for reading, and turn it into a building material simply by tightly rolling it into a stick.

This challenge has two parts: first, making the newspaper into sticks, which takes some practice; and second, using those sticks to build a sturdy structure. Encourage your child to stick with the first part (no pun intended) until s/he can create a strong stick. Then open up the challenge to see what s/he can build with this unusual material.

We'd love to see your newspaper stick constructions! Send us a picture at, or join us at our Show & Tell for its new day and time on Thursday morning at 9:00.

To register for this Thursday's 9:00 am KidsPlay Show & Tell Zoom meeting, click here!

- Lois Logan, Exhibit Exploration Specialist

Newspaper Structure Tutorial



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