WordPlay Star of the Week: Jonathon

WordPlay Star of the Week: Jonathon

WordPlay Star of the Week: Jonathan

Five year old Jonathan, our Star of the Week and expert on Happiness, shares a happy song, "Feels like the shiny sun. Shiny sun makes the flowers grow..." and with arms high, reaching for the sky, dances a happy dance. He knows he can count on some tickling from his brother to cheer him up. He has so many things to look forward to that point him towards feeling happy: using his flashlight to go camping, setting up a camping site outside near the garden, watching his special skeleton shirt glow in the dark. He is delighted to be a "big boy now," the one who is not afraid of skeleton 'jammies, shadows and even real skeletons he might see, remembering that he can always take them apart.

Just thinking about his birthday makes him happy. Jonathan can draw a weird face that wears a smile while he hides behind it, wearing his own smile. He knows his toys inside and outside, especially his transformer that changes from being a bulldozer. "It makes me happy!" He can read happiness in others too, like his mom, "She's like a smile."

He also treasures a magical bell that he got from Santa. To introduce himself to others, Jonathan shares his toys with glee, demonstrating the fun things they do. He even knows what he could do to cheer up someone who isn't so happy. He would share one of his treasures, that magical bell that he got from Santa!

Just like the beautiful bell, talking with Jonathan is magical too. Just like his camping, "camping makes me happy and "ready to go!' "talking with Jonathan makes you happy with that excited "I'm- ready- to -go" feeling. Just like his own bright smile, Jonathan will help you smile, too, as he shares about his feelings.

Jonathan dances and sings about happiness. If you invent your own song and dance about happiness, please share it with us by sending a video or photo to memories@kidsplaymuseum.org. We also invite you to perform your song and dance on KidsPlay Show and Tell on Wednesday at 3:30.

Being the Star of the Week looks like fun! If you would like to be a Star of the Week and help others understand more about happiness and other feelings, please ask your family to contact memories@kidsplaymuseum.org and let us know!   

Your child might want to become a KidsPlay "Star of the Week," helping others to grow in social-emotional intelligence. Please let us know if your family would like to be part of WordPlay by emailing memories@kidsplaymuseum.org. WordPlay is especially suited to children 4 years and older.



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