KidsPlay Chefs - Banana Muffins

KidsPlay Chefs - Banana Muffins

KidsPlay Chefs - Banana Muffins

It's difficult to improve on the glorious banana! All you do is "unzip" the peel and bite into the soft sweetness. The steps in this recipe, chosen by our 8-year-old KidsPlay Chef, prove that even a banana enjoys some improvements now and then.

This recipe is an adaption from that our young chef had prepared for her family. Together we made some changes that subtracted some sugar, cut the leavening ingredients, and simplified the preparation into five steps. This recipe does use egg, but no dairy, and can be adapted to different flours in case allergies are a challenge. Cupcake papers will make the clean up easier, and a fork is the important child-sized mixing tool. The recipe was also adapted to child-sized servings of 3-4 muffins.

This cooking experience builds the vocabulary of action words and links to the science of measuring, stirring, combining, heating, and experimenting with mixtures. Of course, the baking time allows about 15 minutes to share a funny tale of a muffin adventure where one thing leads to another: If You Give a Moose a Muffin by Laura Numeroff.

Just like in the story, "unzipping" a banana in this recipe leads from one thing to another! We hope you join our KidsPlay Chefs to have some fun cooking together and take some time to enjoy some yummy muffins.

KidsPlay Show & Tell on Thursday morning at 9:00 is a great time to share your "banana adventure" with Lois, Patty, and other children who love to bake!

- Patty Cassella, Learning Experience Specialist

Printable Banana Recipe



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