WordPlay Star of the Week: Madison

WordPlay Star of the Week: Madison

WordPlay Star of the Week: Madison

WordPlay Star of the Week: Madison

Our Star of the Week has friends and smiles in all shapes and sizes. Madison is 6 years old and knows that one secret to happiness is snuggling. She knows that smiles can be big and small. Friends, from school and about her size, bring her big happiness by asking if she wants a hug; if she wants to be their friend; if she wants to play. She uses those same questions to reach out to her friends when they are feeling unhappy. "Do you want to play with me? I have a game we could play, hide, and seek!"

One thing that makes Madison sad now is that she misses those friends from school. She misses their questions for her, and the times she cheers them up. That's when having friends in all shapes and sizes is very important. Her 3 friends -- Eeyore, small, blue and made from plastic; Cozy, a soft, long blanket crocheted by her great grandmother when Madison was born; and Piggy, pink, soft, small and stuffed -- are there for a snuggle when she's sad. If she can't locate them, she has Lincoln who is not only "very cute," but also very snuggly. He's brown, wiggly, and shaped like a real puppy! He is Madison's real puppy!

Listening to Madison may help you think of your friends and the questions that help you feel better. She may help you think of what you would say to help someone else be happier. Do your friends come in all shapes and sizes?

Drawing a poster or making a book about your friends, pets, and stuffed animals would be fun to share with your family and friends. Ask your older brother or sister or your parents or grandparents what words they like to hear to be happy. You could add those words to your book or poster!

Remember, we would love to share your book or poster at KidsPlay. Please send a photo of what you made to memories@kidsplaymuseum.org.

Your child might want to become a KidsPlay "Star of the Week," helping others to grow in social-emotional intelligence. Please let us know if your family would like to be part of WordPlay by emailing memories@kidsplaymuseum.org. WordPlay is especially suited to children 4 years and older.



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