Kids in Motion - DIY Obstacle Course

Kids in Motion - DIY Obstacle Course

Kids in Motion - DIY Obstacle Course

If you and your children are missing trips to the park for some fun and healthy exercise, you can create your own challenging obstacle course at home just using your imagination and some chalk. Design some extra obstacles using materials from your home for an extreme course challenge!

Designing a chalk obstacle course allows your children to think creatively and express themselves artistically. They can design zig-zag lines to walk on, lily pads to jump over, or spirals to spin through. They might use their language skills to give directions like "walk backwards" or "crawl," or create an overall theme for their course. Once it's designed, encourage them to envision their two-dimensional creation in three-dimension splendor!

Of course, the goal of creating the course is to have fun completing it! This will improve their gross-motor skills, including flexibility, endurance, bilateral coordination, agility, and laterality.

Since your children can create an obstacle course in so many ways, pray for rain so they can experience all of these benefits again!

- Lois Logan, Exhibit Exploration Specialist

Printable Obstacle Course Template



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