Simply Science - Candy Chemistry Edition

Simply Science - Candy Chemistry Edition

Simply Science - Candy Chemistry Edition

Sometimes foods that we love to eat provide an opportunity for a fun and educational chemistry experiment! Yesterday, our KidsPlay Chefs learned about chemical reactions that occur when you cook. Today, your child can enjoy the surprising results from this quick and easy Gum and Chocolate experiment.

Share these instructions: Chew a piece of gum and observe how the gum changes as it is chewed. Add a small piece of chocolate to the gum, chewing them together until they are well mixed. Make observations about what happens to the gum and the chocolate when they are mixed together.

Ask your child to think about these questions while completing the Simply Science Journal:

  • How did the gum change when you chewed it?
  • What happened when you added the chocolate to the gum in your mouth?
  • Why do you think this happened?
  • What other foods can you mix together in your mouth?
  • Do you think they will have similar results to the gum and chocolate?

Click to download more information about the Gum and Chocolate Experiment.

Use this printable Science Journal to record what you noticed during the experiment!

- Lois Logan, Exhibit Exploration Specialist



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