KidsPlay Chefs - Corn Cakes

KidsPlay Chefs - Corn Cakes

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A favorite part of cooking is sharing time with our KidsPlay Chefs, but
another favorite part is discovering that chefs are scientists, too. Corn
cakes, for example, use baking soda as a leavener, which forms a chemical
reaction and releases carbon dioxide bubbles into the batter. Mixing in
other ingredients and adding heat from a griddle cause the dry powder
cornmeal to turn first into a thick liquid, lumpy with delicious sweet
corn, and then into a soft, golden brown pancake. I love cooking and being
a scientist.

Measuring, stirring, heating, and observing use all of our senses. We see
ingredients changing their texture and shape; hear the gentle crack of an
egg, the soft sizzling from a griddle, and curious talk about how the
recipe will turn out; feel the dry and wet ingredients as we measure and
add pinches of this and that from our recipe; smell the aromas of vanilla
and sugars. Eyes, ears, skin, and noses -- all are important tools of a
chef. Did you guess my other favorite part? Drizzling on a little maple
syrup or honey and tasting a warm corn cake! Hurray for tasting!

You might want to share this recipe with your family so they can have the
fun of tasting too! Then come to our weekly KidsPlay Show & Tell on
Wednesday afternoon at 3:30 pm, where you can share your recipe with Patty,
Lois, and other children who also love to cook.

- Patty Cassella, Learning Experience Specialist

Printable Corn Cakes Recipe



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