WordPlay Star of the Week: Marisa

WordPlay Star of the Week: Marisa

WordPlay Star of the Week: Marisa

Marisa is nine years old and understands emotions, ranging from being ecstatic about birthday parties and Christmas to crying about sad or mad times and then crying some more. If she's sad, she finds joy in her puppy Lincoln. He snuggles with her and makes her laugh. When Lincoln's not around, she knows that thinking and talking about what makes her sad or mad will usually make her feel better. However, she's also discovered that crying often helps. Marisa shares that reaching out to a friend is something she knows how to do. She comforts a sad friend with words, offering a hug, reassuring that things will get better--the lost cat will be found, another school day will arrive.

She has discovered an important way to be happy herself. Sending a message of thank you is something that works for her. For example, just recently, she started a happy day with a chalk written message at the end of her driveway, "Thank you doctors!" Marisa loves to hug her puppy Lincoln and knows that wearing a smile tells others that she is happy. She knows that happiness is something we can bring to others, giving them a reason to smile too.

Want to try one of Marisa's ways to happiness? Hug your favorite stuffed animal or pet and send a photo to memories@kidsplaymuseum.org Write and draw a giant message of thank you at the end of your driveway; ask your family to help you find chalk or poster board and crayons; ask your family to help you by adding their thank-you's! 

Your child might want to become a KidsPlay "Star of the Week," helping others to grow in social-emotional intelligence. Please let us know if your family would like to be part of WordPlay by emailing memories@kidsplaymuseum.org. WordPlay is especially suited to children 4 years and older.



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