February Author of the Month

February Author of the Month

We promise children all the time that reading is important and that books are our friends. However, I believe that people don’t quite believe this message until a book has brought tears (Where the Red Fern Grows, I’ll Love You Forever), inspiration (The Little Engine That Could, Our Children Can Soar) and laughter (Shel Silverstein books of poetry, Flap Your Wings).

We celebrate lifelong reading and learning, but these connections of tears, inspiration, and laughter are what call us to bookshelves, libraries, and book stores. Books help us make memories like experiences with old friends…introducing Tedd Arnold!

Tedd Arnold has published many books and won many awards, always with an eye on whimsy, laughter, and readability. He is inspired by comics, his illustrations, and the fun of language. He not only looks through Fly Guy’s bulging circle eyes with the center black dots, but he also sees the world through the eyes of a child. He connects to his readers through humor and has been celebrated for these connections by numerous honors and awards.

Yes, children can draw Fly Guy (I can too!); yes, we can be horrified/delighted by the image conjured up by the adult phrase, “Lend me a hand,” and relate to the horrified child who fearfully glues gloves on to cover his hands so they will not be on loan (More Parts). We can also imagine giggling and chuckling when Fly Guy’s Big Family feasts on a truckload of dumped garbage in Buzz’ family’s front yard. The sounds of Arnold’s writing are fun (Fly Guy speaks with ending “zzzzz” in every word; don’t all flies buzz?) and the subject can have a loving touch (the parents reassure their worried son about his “missing parts” at the end of Parts).

Too many times, reading sounds like it’s all about school success, reading levels and challenges. Tedd Arnold shares another and, perhaps, more enduring and important reason to read—books are fun—emotional, inspiring, comical fun. We hope you enjoy discovering Tedd Arnold’s writing. We appreciate his art of building bridges to invite our families (adults and children) to discover reading—that it’s not about being difficult, but about having fun!

Patty Cassella

Learning Experiences Specialist

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