Foster Memorable Experiences and Create a Community of Lifelong Learners with a Donation to KidsPlay!

Foster Memorable Experiences and Create a Community of Lifelong Learners with a Donation to KidsPlay!

What does experiential learning look like at KidsPlay Children’s Museum?

One child might hear words such as "gravity" or “trajectory” and explore the concept with the balls and ramps. Another might learn how to use scissors, a hammer, or a sewing machine in the Maker Space. Another still becomes fascinated by and experiments with balls floating in mid-air above the Bernoulli Box.

KidsPlay hosts over 46,000 playful interactions each year. The sum of even the smallest educational gains has the potential to be momentous. A child using play and curiosity to interact with the world is developing skills that will enhance his or her experience in navigating our ever-changing world.

The Museum's exhibits and programs:

• Present learning concepts in hands-on ways that spark curiosity and creativity.
• Foster the cognitive and social-emotional growth of children.
• Encourage caregivers to participate in the child's play-to-learn activities.
• Create cherished memories of a vibrant experience on Main Street.

Over the past year, KidsPlay has welcomed visitors from 500+ towns across 40+ states and 6 countries. The Museum has also expanded programs to welcome underserved children and their families to play and learn.

Thank you for making this work possible with your support of KidsPlay Children's Museum! 

We hope you will review our Community Impact Report to see how a gift to KidsPlay leverages the intrinsic joy of play and fosters memorable experiences to create a community of lifelong learners. As a non-profit organization, the Museum’s admission fees cover only half of the Museum’s operating expenses. It is your gift to the year-end appeal that opens the doors and strengthens the Museum’s ability to embrace new opportunities.

We are counting on YOU to sustain this special place. 

Donate today!



Dear Friends, We are currently closed in observance of social distancing. We can't wait to see you when we reopen! Please follow us on social media and subscribe to our eblast for ideas for fun, playful learning activities at home. We are here for you! Sincerely, The KidsPlay Team

Payment Types Accepted - Cash, Check, and all major credit cards

Languages at KidsPlay - English, Spanish and Sign Language

KidsPlay Children's Museum, Inc. is a 501(C) (3) not-for-profit organization


Important Announcement!

In support of social-distancing, the Museum is closed until April 1.

Please check our social media and website for updates and for ideas for fun hands-on playful learning activities at home.