What's Happening at KidsPlay - November 11 to 17

What's Happening at KidsPlay - November 11 to 17

Exhibit Explorations: Explore the Maker Space

Kids in Motion: Balls and balloons... let's play!

Maker Challenge: Let's start with a large box and work together to build a structure.

Maker Lab: Can you make a kaleidoscope or a teleidoscope... or both!?

Messy Art: Create beautiful string art with paint!

My sisters and I were so excited on the day our parents received a new refrigerator. Did we care that the eggs would stay fresh and the milk would be cold? NO! We had our eyes on that big, beautiful box!

We made a fort. We made a dollhouse. We colored the insides. We brought in our blankets and pillows at night and slept in it. When it’s sides wore down, we rolled around in it. Finally, we brought it outside and rolled down the hill in it with our friends. That box was amazing.

It makes me sad to see the catalogs with prepackaged toys and games. Everything is already decorated and colorful and defined. Where is the room for wide-open creativity and imagination? That’s one of the reasons I am so looking forward to this month’s Family Friday event, Building Big.

At Family Friday: Building Big, we’ll provide the boxes, the tape, and the scissors. You provide the ideas and the manpower. What will you make? I don’t know! But I know it will be BIG, and I know we’ll all enjoy the process.

Lois Logan, Maker Space and Education Manager

Special Events 

Monday, November 11 - Open for play!

Friday, November 15 - Building with Home Depot

Join our friends from The Home Depot for some fun building with kits!

Friday, November 15 - Family Friday - Building Big!

Bring your boxes or use ours to design and build houses, castles, miniature golf holes, and more. What will you create with a cardboard box?


Payment Types Accepted - Cash, Check, and all major credit cards

Languages at KidsPlay - English, Spanish and Sign Language

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