Meet our WonderMakers - Cadco, Ltd.

Meet our WonderMakers - Cadco, Ltd.

Cadco Ltd.

Founded in 1996 by Mike Shanahan and Mike Bosson, Cadco is a foodservice equipment company headquartered in Winsted that specializes in countertop convection ovens and other small equipment made available through dealers in the U.S. and Canada. Cadco sets high standards and understands the needs of the foodservice industry. Cadco does much of its manufacturing locally. Cadco's experienced principals and knowledgeable staff provide valuable information and reliable support - from technicians to chefs alike.

Why it is important for young children to learn about science and technology?
If you look back on what our world was just 20 years ago, you can see what changes in science have done just to support better health and our overall living standards. As for technology, the changes there are even more radical. We control so much of our lives via smart phones. We socialize and communicate via social media. Who knows what the next 20 years will bring in both of these areas.It’s extremely important that young children learn about science and technology. 

What will you show us through your display at The Summer Fete?
As for my demonstration using our VariKwik™ I will explain how to finish food fast without compromising the taste or quality of the food product.

How do you see play as an inspiration to learn?
I watch my young grandchildren play and can only wonder about how deep their imagination is. The better and more frequently they play and associate with other young children can only help stimulate the creative part of their brain. If you look at our world today, the creative people who have an open mind introduce solutions to problems. All of this develops while they are young children.


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