PECS Now Available!

PECS Now Available!

Did you know we have PECS and social stories available for your museum visit? PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) allows those with little or no communication to do so using the pictures. PECS help with communication, sentence structure, answering questions, commenting, and more. Children who commonly use PECS have their own prompts/sentence strips, here at KidsPlay we have sets of PECS which include a picture of every exhibit/area in the museum. Children will therefore be able to successfully communicate with their families and friends during a museum visit! 

Social Stories are used as a tool to help individuals on the autism spectrum better understand the nuances of interpersonal communication so that they can interact in an effective and appropriate manner. Social stories are also good for very young children who have slight difficulty adapting to new things that are not a part of their daily routine. By allowing children the opportunity to mentally prepare themselves for the exciting events to happen during the day and to know behavior that is expected of them, they will have a smoother day.

As most of you know the museum can get a little noisy. For some individuals the loud noises make museum time less enjoyable. We also have noise canceling headphones available to borrow during museum visits. These headphones do not fully erases the sound, they simply soften the noise and provide more of a calming ambient noise. If you find that your little one is having a hard time due to the over stimulating noises just ask the front desk for a set.

By partnering with Torrington Area Families for Autism, we have been able to develop these tools for all to use. These tools are not only for children or individuals with autism, these are available for anyone! These tools are at no extra cost, and are simply provided to make time at KidsPlay more enjoyable. With any other questions, concerns or suggestions please email



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In support of social-distancing, the Museum is closed until April 1.

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