Exhibit in Progress:  Air Tubes

Exhibit in Progress: Air Tubes

We have been busy designing and building a new Air Tube Exhibit to replace the Scarf Thowers and Ball Mazes! 

Improvements include new entry points and switches. 

Switches are the pieces that direct airflow and control the direction and velocity of the scarves traveling through the tubes. The redesigned Air Tubes will not only provide the children with countless hours of excitement watching the scarves and balls travel through the tubing, but they will also give them control to direct the path of the scarves and balls.

We have also been developing a new entry point for the Air Tubes that are easy for our youngest friends to use. The red box in the photo below is a prototype to help us figure out how to optimize the final product.

Finally, we have been researching and testing a wide variety of flexible plastic tubing looking for the most durable yet transparent tubing. 

Our new Air Tubes will be bigger and better than the original Ball Maze and Scarf Throwers so both our preschool and school-age visitors can continue to learn more about the properties of air flow through experimentation and play!

Please help us rebuild one of our most beloved exhibits by contributing to our GoFundMe Campaign today!



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