Puppet Show with the Susan B Anthony Project

November 8, 2018 | 10:00 am - 10:45 am

This program includes a puppet show with a fun and interactive discussion between a friendly and inquisitive puppet, a narrator and viewers. Viewers ages 3-8 will identify good and bad feelings as well as the “uh-oh” feeling, which is explained as our body’s way of telling us “something just isn’t right and maybe we need to get help from a grown-up/adult.” This feeling often indicates our personal boundaries have been crossed. They will identify “good touches that we do like and bad touches we don’t ever like” and learn that if they don’t like a touch, it’s ok to tell the person and ask them to stop. Viewers will learn that if someone doesn’t stop when they ask, or if someone tells them to keep a touch a secret, to ask a grown up/adult they trust for help. Viewers then identify adults they would be able to talk to. They identify what to do if a grown-up doesn’t listen: tell another adult until someone listens and helps them feel safe. Viewers learn a safety rule, which summarizes the lesson of the puppet show.

The program ends with viewers inviting the puppet to come out from behind the screen to interact with them and answer any questions they may have. They also receive a coloring book to help them remember what they learned during this program and help parents at home talk about this topic with their children. We provide a letter to anyone scheduling this show to inform parents about the show and offer them a few helpful options: to review the script/coloring book prior to the show, decline their child viewing the show, view the show with their child and also to call us and ask any questions they may have. The script and coloring book are available upon request for review at any time.

Puppet Show with the Susan B Anthony Project


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