June 28, 2018 | 2:30 am - 3:30 pm

Join the STEM Club @ KidsPlay Children’s Museum! Starting June 28.

This is a preregistration program that will meet once a week for 9 weeks and explore the world of science through hands on activities. Ages 5+

(Program included with museum admission or membership)

Week 1 June 28
Can you invent like the greatest? Taking examples of some of the world’s greatest creations and
re-creating them! Can you make a Parachute? Clock? or even Scuba gear?

Week 2 July 5
Calling all young Meteorologist! How does the direction of the wind affect our weather?Let’s make a Peace Windsock this holiday week to find out!

Week 3 July 12
Read all about it!! Welcome to KidsPlay Press where you can make your own Newspaper!

Week 4 July 19
Let’s explore the chemistry behind extreme temperatures. Making Thermocromic Slime and learn why it changes colors!

Week 5 July 26
Inventions solve problems. Is there something in your life or community you would like to better?Let’s put on our inventors caps and make something new!

Week 6 Aug 2

Balloon Car Activity. Action….reaction?

Week 7 Aug 9

Putting Newton’s third law of motion to the test, with a rocket activity. Leading to an outside blastoff!

Week 8 Aug 16

Metamorphosis. Let’s explore a butterfly lifecycle.

Week 9 Aug 23

Let’s experiment with honey! Did you know that honey does not go bad in your pantry?! Lets find out why!



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